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3 children at school, one little one watching ‘pink panther cartoons’ on the pc…that means: I have lots of ‘free time’ to prepare the ‘nest’ for the baby:

Curtains to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes, and an matching ‘cover’ for the cradle (fabric from Ikea)
And of course a new blanket:


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Since a couple of months my two-year-old is potty-trained. It seemed like the logical thing to do, since we ran out of diapers a while ago. Not for long though, as there are only six weeks left till the new baby will be born. This time I’m gonna use cloth diapers instead of paper diapers. Amy from A Little Busy did some cloth diapering 101 posts on her blog, and I’ve decided to give it a try.

I saw this fabric basket in the Oxfam shop a while ago. When I first saw it, I couldn’t help but thinking “Great idea, I can make this myself at home from the burlap bags we still have lying around somewhere!” But then I realized it probably would be better to buy it and in doing so help out those poor women in Vietnam who made it. Anyway, there’s a better use for those burlap feed bags lying around, as Maya describes in her Sack Hack tutorial!, and even more recycling projects!

The painting is a screenprint from ‘Biet’, a painting from Dirk Eelen, the same artist who also made the painting in our living room.

I painted this old cabinet white (after saving it from our neighbour’s attic). This will be baby’s little corner before he gets its own room.

Baby wrap

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For those of you who got confused in the last post about how many babies: there is just one baby in my belly! No twins here!

And for this ‘one baby’ I made this soft and cozy maxi-cosi blanket:

The pattern is from the last knippiebaby. You can wrap the baby in this blanket, and still fasten him in his carseat.
“Oh no, not th├ít fabric for my baby-brother” cried my eldest son when he saw the hearts…I think it’s cute anyway…

And for those of you who think the baby on the picture is my newborn baby: no he’s not yet born! It’s a porcelain doll I made 15 years ago, but he’s perfect for modelling my babystuff.

Only girls

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I made a dollsling for both girl. The pattern is from an old ‘Knippie Idee’ (Spring 2005). Very quick and easy, I made two in one evening. The girls are very happy to carry their babies around. But of course there other ways to take your child with you too.

We enjoyed the last days of august:

A house under the table

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An advantage of making dolls is that you don’t need much fabric. But at the same time it is a disadvantage! Because if you like to sew it means automatically that you like to buy fabric. And if you like to buy fabric, it means that you have piles, boxes and cupboards full of fabric.
Sometimes I feel this urgent need to use A LOT of fabric at the same time, just to get rid of the stock. This weekend, I had one of those days.

I remembered how me made tents under the table when we were kids, with all kinds of blankets and cushions. Why not make a permanent cover for our table of 100 X 240cm?

Atelier Versace? Yes, I guess it must have been an expensive fabric, but I didn’t have any other ideas for it than making a tent. This is the ‘boys-entrance’ with indians on it and the girls-entrance is with a flower fabric. There are little ribbons to tie the door open and it’s all cosy and fun.

But there can only be one boy the eldest, and therefore the chief. The girls had to buy tickets for entering the tent, and soon the fun was over.
This pile of fabric is again in my stock, although there are no more raw edges.

I guess making tents with blankets and pillows is more fun than a prefab tent…

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